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Celebrate Yourself Everyday…

During the past week we have felt that first bite in the air. The new sharp crispness combined with diminished daylight hours means that fall is upon us, and that the winter months will soon be here. Putting aside our sandals for boots, summer harvest for more dense root vegetables, and preparing to mentally and physically slow down and become more introspective in the coming months are some of the ways that the transition into fall occurs.

Whatever your pleasures are, assess which ones take precedence and try to ensure that these include healthful and wellness promoting activities. Put these on your “to-do” list. Tune into your heart, listen to its messages, and to your body (it sends you messages for what it needs to be in balance and to function well), and commit to self-nurturing activities every day. Occasionally, I am challenged when someone questions me on whether those fifteen-minute blocks of time for oneself can really make the difference. I invite you to make the commitment to create time for your Self each day by choosing something that really speaks to you – a small yoga practise, a walk in the fresh autumn air, sipping a cut of hot tea or coffee, or just simply relaxing. Discover how this commitment to taking care of yourself on a daily basis will transform your health and well being.


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