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Below are a list of frequently asked questions about YogaBuds and the studio space. 

  • How can yoga help my anxiety?
    The yoga practise has the power to deeply affect the mind, body, emotions and can help to manage and relieve anxiety and stress. Yoga has been proven to help reduce the stress response, slow the respiratory system, calm the nervous system, lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate. Most of our anxiety stems from either ruminating in the past or anticipating the present, but with mindfulness-based poses and breath control, we can remain in the present moment and quiet our minds.
  • Can yoga help me improve my bad posture?
    Absolutely. At YogaBuds, students learn the fundamentals of good posture, including correct activation of the legs and pelvis, alignment of the spine and placement of the shoulders and head. Occasionally, students will engage in discussions and demonstrations of correct positioning for use of our devices, carrying purses or groceries or how to sit correctly at a desk.
  • What is Yoga Therapy? How can it help my specific issue?
    Yoga Therapy is a specialized practice facilitated by a certified yoga therapist who addresses the root cause of your problem or pain by listening carefully to you and responding to your unique needs. At YogaBuds, Temmi integrates her various skills as a psychotherapist, yoga teacher, yoga therapist and artist in her private yoga therapy sessions to provide you with an individualized yoga practice, designed and facilitated for the healing of a specific illness, injury, condition or issue. Each practice will provide you with support and hope, inspire self-awareness and knowledge, and foster personal empowerment.
  • Help! My child has stress and anxiety.
    YogaBuds is a non-competitive and non-performance-oriented space. Without external judgment or grading, young people are free to move and improve at their own pace. This setting inspires many kids and teens to deeply and consistently engage in the practice of yoga and mindfulness, throughout which they begin to experience a sense of mastery of their bodies, breath, thoughts and responses. Practicing simple breathing techniques and restorative yoga poses helps one to self-regulate their emotions and manage their stress, resulting in greater self-confidence and an improved ability to center oneself.
  • Do you teach meditation?
    The word yoga means unity and refers to the integration and wholeness between mind and body. Temmi believes that teaching mindfulness meditation is intrinsic to the study and practise of yoga. While meditation is not taught as a separate course at YogaBuds, each yoga sequence is practiced with intentional focus on the present moment, detailed instruction and precise alignment and execution of each pose. As BKS Iyengar said, “yoga is meditation in action
  • How can yoga help me cope with change?
    When life brings forth inevitable changes or we are in a transition with everything in flux, yoga provides us with a dependable foundation to stand on. It provides us with tools to ground oneself which results in a greater sense of stability and strength. Through the consistent practise of yoga, we can learn to accept wherever we are – physically, mentally and emotionally - at any given point in time. This acceptance enables us to experience a state of grace and enhances our sense of self, leading to greater self-empowerment. All of these internal shifts greatly aid us in our capacity to manage or cope with external change.
  • How do the family & mother-daughter yoga classes help to foster a connection?
    When family members commit to a weekly class together, family relationships and connections naturally deepen and improve. At YogaBuds, family practices are designed with a greater focus on partner poses and creative processes which require each partner to support the other. When experiencing physical, visual and oftentimes nonverbal contact while creating poses together, family members enhance their communication and trust. This results in a deeper connection. As well, they jointly learn many valuable life skills including the art of relaxation, the importance of healthy activities and how to better self-regulate and manage stress.
  • I am scared of being judged at yoga. How do I overcome this fear at YogaBuds?
    YogaBuds is a safe, positive and non-judgmental space. In each class, students can expect to hear positive messaging about self-awareness and self-acceptance. Self-reflection is very important in the yoga practise and students are encouraged to recognize their own inner critic and learn to silence it while also making peace with whatever arises for them, both on and off the mat. Students are encouraged to accept their fear but may also be gently challenged to attempt something new.
  • What makes YogaBuds different from other studios? Why don't you offer drop-ins?
    YogaBuds is a small, intimate, warm and welcoming boutique studio with small class numbers, resulting in individualized attention and a strong rapport between teacher and student. At YogaBuds, each student feels heard, noticed, supported, and respected. Temmi is a certified yoga teacher, certified yoga therapist and registered art therapist, with over 35 years of experience. All classes are taught in the traditional Iyengar methodology, but distinctively combined with mindfulness teachings and a strong dose of creativity, which Temmi infuses into all classes. All classes are taught as pre-registered courses rather than offered as drop-in classes. By making a commitment to a full session and by learning in a structured format with a specific curriculum, students derive an understanding of how to make yoga a part of one’s life, rather than as simply another exercise activity.
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