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Your Journey to Wellness in the New Year

As the holidays approach, we begin to wind down and gear up for extended time spent with family and friends. The holidays can be a time of many temptations and potential indulgence; therefore, it is imperative that we continue to embrace the idea of balance and moderation. Make sure to incorporate techniques for self-care and an awareness of mindful eating and drinking! It is easy to “let everything go” in ways that aren’t always health-promoting! Remaining active, and staying consistent in your yoga practise over the holidays will help to maintain your health and keep you well.

During a recent peer supervision meeting of therapists, I realized that “Mindfulness” has become a popular concept, even in the psychotherapy field. This is a very positive thing. Yoga trains us to attend mindfully to our habits, to awaken to our selves “moment by moment, breath to breath”, and to remain present-focussed in mind, body and spirit. The holidays provide us with ample opportunity to practise remaining present and mindful in many situations.

As we approach the New Year, many are drawn towards the idea of making New Year’s Resolutions in order to try to change or improve aspects of their life. For some, this can be self-defeating as often there is the tendency to make too many promises and set the bar too high. So as 2010 approaches, if you are keen on making a commitment to something that is a positive change in your life, use the idea of a New Year’s Resolution only as a starting point to try to initiate the change, and think long term. Perhaps the change that you commit to will be something that starts from the inside. Yoga can be the change in your life, and it can actually change your life! However, it is important to recognize that yoga is not goal-oriented so enter the practise (or continue to remain true to it) but do so with commitment but without ambition. Change is not instant but if you stay true to your intention; consistent to your practise; patient in your approach; and firm in your resolve, your yoga journey will create profound change over time. Honour your efforts and recognize that change happens in small increments and successes along the way. Try to implement small endeavors or “yoga bits and bites” each and every day, and the positive results in turn will inspire ongoing attention and become habit. Make 2010 the year to commit to your Self and to come to YogaBuds, an oasis in the middle of the city.

In 2010 I look forward to continuously being a part of your transformation and personal renewal through the yoga process. Thank you again for trusting me to be such an intrinsic part of your healing journey. Happy Chanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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